Online Classes Email Update 4th January 2021

Dear Families of KDS,

Happy New Year! We hope the Christmas holidays were enjoyable, albeit rather different this year and we sincerely hope that your families and loved ones are well.

As you are aware, we are sadly unable to open the Dance Studio as planned on Saturday 9th January. We have therefore been busy behind the scenes making plans to return to online classes for the time being, until further updates from the government. We are of course extremely disappointed to be in this position again; however, we need to keep our spirits up in the hope that we will be back together very soon, whilst keeping in mind that this is in everybody’s best interests, health, and safety.

As always, we strive to provide the quality of teaching, family feel and care for all our students in whichever format we are able. We understand many of our students are not keen on online classes, but we would love to see as many as possible on Zoom, to continue their training and enjoyment. Having experienced this twice now, we have learned and will continue to discover what works best for everyone involved. We have condensed class times in the hope that we can keep all the students happy with a shorter ‘burst’ of tuition and hope that it will suit our students better to not have to focus for as long ‘on screen’ with the distractions of home life. We are aware that at present, school/college life is up in the air and many will be missing social interaction with their friends- we hope to be able to provide this too. We are currently part way through Term 2 and therefore classes have been paid for up until the end of the first week of February. We will therefore adjust Term 3’s fees, accordingly, depending on how long online classes have to run.

May we take this opportunity to remind you, that particularly younger students need supervision and support to get the most out of their online classes. During the last lockdown, many parents enjoyed and gained from taking class with their child and those children made particularly good progress because of their help. This is also a prime opportunity to see what your son/daughter is learning!

Do not forget that there are also classes available to you online- why not take some time for yourselves and reap all the benefits of dance classes.

Adult Ballet- Monday 7.30pm (for those with Ballet experience)

Adult Dance Fitness- Tuesday 8pm (no experience or training needed)

Lastly, please find the timetable on the timetable page. All those that are already enrolled for classes should have received an email containing the zoom link, if not, or if you would like to join please contact us. There is one link for all your classes - upon joining at your assigned class time according to the timetable, you will be automatically put into a ‘waiting room’. The teacher will then admit you in time for your class.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries or concerns you may have- we will endeavour to keep you updated about re-opening The Studio in due course.

Once again, we thank you for all your support and we wish you and your family all the best in these challenging times.

Kelvedon Dance Studio

Online Classes Email Update 4th April 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

As many of you know and have hopefully enjoyed, we have been teaching online classes for the last two weeks since we have had to close the studio doors. We will continue until Wednesday 9th April, before taking a revised short Easter break for one week. We are working in pairs during the online classes to ensure that we are carrying out tuition as safely as possible. We have also been very busy behind the scenes planning lessons, corresponding back and forth with parents to ensure student safety and access, coming up with fun challenges for our students, preparing video tutorials, filming, editing and these are nearly ready to release as extra content for each individual class.

We are all unaware as to how long this situation will last, however we have come to a decision to move forward and as the summer term is due to commence on Monday 27th April, we will invoice you on a monthly basis, at a reduced rate whilst running online classes. Invoices will be sent through email and we ask that you pay online in advance or by posting a cheque to ensure continuity to access classes. We will carry this on until such times that we return to normal classes. We felt this was the best option of several discussed, that it considered the financial strain that many of our families may be facing at this difficult time, whilst enabling Kelvedon Dance Studio to continue functioning during this challenging period. We ask that if you wish to carry on with this new arrangement, that you pay your invoice as promptly as possible by 23rd April.

We also understand that you may choose not to continue with this plan and instead return when we are able to reopen to full service at the studio; at such times we will be only too glad to welcome you back. We fully respect that online classes are not for everyone. However, please kindly let us know as soon as possible that this is your intention in order to avoid us corresponding with you unnecessarily.

Ultimately, we are trying to do the best we can for the students and, as highly valued clients of the school, you the parents. We cannot explain how this has impacted our lives and passion, as it has for everyone in lots of ways. As you know dancing is invaluable for one’s well-being and we are striving to keep it in the students’ lives to the best of our ability.

Below are upcoming dates summarised for the Easter period:

Classes running as currently timetabled until Wednesday 8th April.

9th- 17th April- Easter Break (during which time our Online video content will be released to you. Students will have something to work on from each genre they take)

Saturday 18th April- Fun Easter Activities via ZOOM as a treat to our students (more information coming)

Monday 20th April- Start of our full online revised timetable.

Please see our new online timetables.

We aim to provide professional and dedicated high level teaching during online classes as we do in the studio; along with additional online content for each student who wishes to participate. During this uncertain time, we also ask that you consider the impact which this has on our own home lives, families and other employment responsibilities of which we all have different scenarios. We will strive to maintain our services to the best of our abilities- however in the event that we become unwell or are unable to provide our proposed standards as a team for another reason, we will communicate this to you and keep you informed of any changes or adjustments accordingly. We know you will understand and support us, should this occur.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries that you may have, and we will be only too pleased to help. We remain optimistic and positive during this difficult time and aim to make the best of a challenging situation! Seeing our students online has been wonderful and we hope that you have enjoyed being involved too.

Wishing you all health and an understanding of the changes at these difficult times.

Keep well, keep safe and keeeep dancing!

Miss Hannah, Miss Andrea and Miss Ruth

Online Classes Email Update 24th March 2020

Dear Students and Families,

It is our aim to provide some online classes in order to help keep the students physically fit, boost morale and mood and enable a bit of social interaction with their friends. Please bear with us because it is a new concept for us to grasp and we would like it to be as successful and fun as possible.

Our focus is making sure the online classes are appropriate for the level of student and of course are safe. We encourage you please to supervise your child as much as you are able and to help us by making sure the space in which they are dancing is safe. We unfortunately cannot teach in the same depth as usual over a video, meaning that we are limited on content of the class, but we will do our very best.

Please download ‘zoom’ video meeting app to access classes. We will send out the appropriate links prior to the class. A timetable will be published and shared online and by email. We may also provide fun activities and challenges etc on social media so please make sure you follow Kelvedon Dance Studio on Facebook and Instagram, as well as joining our ‘members only’ Kelvedon Dance Studio group on Facebook, in order to see even more content.


By replying to this email with the below information, you agree and acknowledge to ensure that children are supervised whilst following classes for safety reasons, that the space around them is appropriate and that they are well enough to be joining in. Students should work within their level and capability and not try to push beyond their own individual limits. We cannot take responsibility for injuries sustained whilst dancing in the home but will provide appropriate movement for them to do outside of the studio. Tap dancing at home must be practiced on a safe, wooden surface in Tap shoes if possible or, school shoes or trainers on an appropriate floor. Children must avoid practicing movements such as Toe Taps if bare foot. We are unable to provide the physical corrections we do in class via a video link. Classes provided by KDS online and content documents and videos sent to you are for personal, non-commercial use only and must not be shared to non KDS students or online.

Please copy, paste and complete the small form below and return by email to indicate that you have acknowledged our online waiver.

Name of Student(s):

Parent/carer name:


As always, thank you for your patience and support at this difficult time. We would appreciate your help by spreading the word amongst other KDS families and contributing your ideas about what you would like to see!

Many thanks,

The KDS teachers

Kelvedon Dance Studio Newsletter 2019

Once again, the time has come to write the KDS newsletter and as usual, I sit here wondering where on earth the last year has gone. We have had a terrific academic year, accomplishing so much, and in the blink of an eye it’s the Summer holidays again!

We were very happy to see all the students back at classes in September; as much as the holidays are lovely, we always miss them and of course miss what we love the most, dancing. We kept busy preparing for the year ahead but of course, we just wanted to be back in the studio. Our previous Mini Movers had grown up and progressed into Primary Modern, some of them started Tap too which was lovely - so in October we started a new class of Mini Movers. It’s always lovely to see new ‘little ones’ at dancing, just beginning their adventure. In November we took part in the Tapathon for the 5th year! Tapathon is a charity fundraiser for Children in Need and a Guinness world record breaker attempt. We always have a lovely time getting together with another Dance school in Chelmsford, and everyone brings something to enjoy at the buffet afterwards. This year we had several students from the school take part, as well as the Adult Tap class, who have already begun learning this year’s routine, in readiness for Sunday 17th November 2019. We were only 102 dancers away from our world record target of 7596 tappers, plus £100 was raised on the raffle and in donations on the day - so in total with the T-shirt profits, KDS raised £220- fantastic! As a whole, Tapathon 2018 raised in excess of £36, 000 for Children in Need, which is phenomenal. Thank you again to all the students who got involved in 2018, I hope you would like to take up the challenge again. May I take this opportunity to encourage others to take part too - the more the merrier and the more we can raise for this fantastic cause.

Do not forget, you as family members could take part in classes yourself! Perhaps you used to dance as a child and would like to give it another go? We have Adult Ballet and Adult Tap taking place on Wednesday evenings. We also have a dance fitness class ‘FitSteps’ on Tuesday nights which is inspired by Strictly Come Dancing and is Ballroom and Latin based - no partner needed!

We had a group of Primary Ballet and Grade 6 Ballet students who took their examinations in Dovercourt on 30th November 2018 - well done to all of you on the marks you achieved, you did yourselves and us very proud. It was lovely to see the students at either end of the scale getting ready together - for some their very first exam and for others, their last!

On the last Saturday of term before we broke up for Christmas, we invited the parents to watch the younger student’s classwork in the Church. This turned out to be a lovely morning, also allowing them to watch each other and to see other classes and genres of dance. We also had prize giving. Well done to the students who received awards! It will soon be time to give the awards out again; often a tricky decision for us, but a wonderful way of giving the students who have particularly excelled in those areas some extra recognition. After the Performance and Prize Giving, we had some Christmas games with the children as well as a student Secret Santa and fancy-dress competition. It left us all feeling very festive!

Over the Christmas Holidays, the teachers were very busy preparing for our school show ‘Once Upon a Time’ that took place on Saturday 30th March 2019. We were very pleased to welcome back Miss Ruth who we had missed very much whilst she was home following the birth of her son, Henry. We did not have very long to pull it together, however the excitement that comes from doing a show gave us a buzz and a boost to work very hard to make it a success. We would like to congratulate the students on a wonderful show - the commitment, enthusiasm and talent was boldly displayed on that stage! The show was supposed to be somewhat on a smaller scale than some of our previous shows, however, every single pupil put their all into all the classes, rehearsals and performances. We were very proud and were backed up by amazing feedback - a huge well done to everybody and thank you to all the parents for helping to make it possible too. Bring on the next one!

Amazingly, during this show period we entered Esme Bennett and Gemma Delgaty into their Grade 5 Tap Examination too at Temple Academy in Bromley. Well done on receiving brilliant results girls!

The show hasn’t been the last of performances this year- KDS performed at Feering May Fayre, and at St Dominics Residential Home in June. We are extremely grateful of the donation we received from St Dominics and we will be putting it towards some new limber class aids, so all the students can benefit. Next is Kelvedon Music Festival, on Saturday 13th July. The presentation will comprise of some numbers from ‘Once Upon a Time’ coupled with some specially choreographed dances and a finale. We are dancing at Midday, please come and support us; the students have been working very hard and will produce a wonderful display, I am certain - the larger the audience the better.

We have come to the sad time of year where we have to say goodbye to some of our students who will be leaving us to further their education or career. Many of these students have been dancing at KDS since they were very little, and we have watched them grow into wonderful young adults. Thank you to you all for your commitment to your dancing and to us, it has been an absolute pleasure to teach you and we will miss you very much, please do pop in and see us whenever you can. Lucy Mortimer will be studying Geography at Sheffield Hallam University. Sandra Maduoma is continuing her journey with a Dance Degree - she has been accepted into a few universities and will be choosing very soon! Esme Bennett is off to Evolution College to do a one-year Foundation Performing Arts course- we look forward to hearing where her journey takes her next year! Best of luck to all of you - we know you will all work very hard and succeed in whatever you do!

Whilst on the note of further education, we have recently learned that Esme Sensibar, a past student of Kelvedon Dance Studio has completed her Dance Degree receiving a First. Absolutely terrific news - well done Esme, all your hard work has paid off!

In July we are once again off to Dovercourt where we are entering four Grade 2 Modern exam students, and to Chelmsford for an Intermediate Tap exam. We wish you the best of luck- keep up the hard work! We are very much looking forward to our two workshops this summer- Disney Day for the under 11s on Friday 2nd August, and Aerial Hoop for ages 6 and upwards on Thursday 22nd August. No need to miss dancing to much - exciting events!

All that is left is to wish you all a wonderful Summer break- thank you to all the students and indeed you as parents for all your involvement and support as always. If we don’t see you at the workshops, we look forward to welcoming you back in September.

Miss Hannah

Kelvedon Dance Studio Newsletter 2018

Wow! I can’t believe how fast this year has flown. It seems like only the other week I was writing the 2017 Newsletter. That can only mean one thing- that we have had a great year, because time flies when you’re having fun!

We welcomed some new students at the beginning of term who we are enjoying having in class and who are making great progress and seem to be loving their lessons. In January we also welcomed back our student Aimee Dixon who missed her classes so much that she wanted to get back into her dancing. We were delighted to have her back not only in her own classes but assisting some of our younger Tap classes too!

In November we had exams in Ballet and Modern- some fabulous marks were achieved by our students. Well done!

We once again took part in Tapathon for Children In Need. We danced a routine together at the same time as other dancers, to try and beat the Guinness world record. Everybody contributed a little something towards the food and we all enjoyed that afterwards too! In total, 7,518 tappers danced the routine across the country, which we only fell short of by 78 people to beat the record. We helped to raise in excess of £38,600 for Children In Need. It’s a wonderful feeling to help such a worthy cause - please do try and get involved this year on Sunday 18th November. The Adult Tap class has shown a keen interest and has already begun to learn the routine! Details will be up on the board in due course.

We ended our term at Christmas with our event ‘Festive Fun for all the Family’. We had stalls and activities for the children plus a variety of performances from local community groups and Kelvedon Dance Studio. It was a well-attended event where the church was filled by a lovely audience. Some of our youngest students performed for the first time - we were very proud of how brave they were and their presentation. I know how impressed lots of the parents were to see what the students had been working on in class, and what a success that afternoon was.

Upon our return in early 2018, preparations soon were underway for the next set of modern and tap exams in May. We had quite a challenging week weather wise in March, but it didn’t stop us! Our May examination session was another success with some lovely marks achieved - Merits and Distinctions. Well done to all.

We were invited by St Dominics Residential Home to dance for the residents on 16th June. We took some of the pupil’s examination work to show them. The performance was clearly well received by the audience and sparked off some conversations between the students and residents afterwards. I was so proud of the effort made by our students with the dancing as well as the social after. I think we really made their day!

As our summer term progressed, several classes of Modern, Jazz and Ballet have been rehearsing performance numbers in readiness for Kelvedon Music Festival on Saturday 14th July. We hope the beautiful weather continues so that we have a lovely sunny afternoon to perform in. Please do come and support us, even if your son or daughter is not performing this year!

We have had some exciting news that Miss Ruth is expecting a baby, due in July. We are very pleased for her and have missed her teaching for the last half term! She worked hard to prepare a set of Gold Jazz students and Grade 3 Tappers ready for their exam in Dovercourt, Harwich on 16th July before she took some much-needed time off for Maternity leave. We cannot wait to hear the news and see and meet the youngest member of the KDS family! Miss Ruth hopes to return to teaching January 2019, and we will welcome her back with open arms.

This time of year is often a sad time as we say goodbye to some students as they progress in their learning life. We would like to mention particularly Alex Ford-Gould, who has been a student at Kelvedon Dance Studio for many years of her life, as well as assisting some of the younger Modern classes for the last year. She has left to fly to Canada to work over the summer in Pine Camp for children in Golden Lake, Ontario and then in September is going to Atlantic College in Llantwit Major, Wales to study for an International Baccalaureate for two years. We really admire Alex’s brave decision to study away from home and think it will benefit her future career. We know Alex is hoping to attend classes with us when home in the school holidays and we will really look forward to seeing her.

After many, many years of running the school, Miss Andrea has given me the opportunity to take on the day to day running of Kelvedon Dance Studio as of September. I feel incredibly honoured. Miss Andrea will continue to be very much a part of the school and therefore you should not notice too much of a change. I will endeavour to continue the legacy that Kelvedon Dance Studio has built and maintain the success that has been achieved over the past years. If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me over the summer holidays - I will welcome any ideas or suggestions that you may have. My email address is or call 07952297859.

All that is left is to wish you all a wonderful Summer break - thank you to all the students and indeed you as parents for all your involvement and support as always. We very much look forward to welcoming you back in September!

Miss Hannah