Modern and Jazz


Modern Theatre dance is a rhythmic dance style which originated in America before travelling to the rest of the world. It is a very dynamic form of dance and involves a diverse syllabus of style and choreography. It incorporates a strong limbering section, which focuses on developing core stability, flexibility and strength, and it allows students to bring their work “alive” through improvisation. Modern Dance is often seen on the stages of musical productions and is known for its theatrical qualities.

Classes commence at Primary level, at the age of 5 years old. We are also launching a new “Mini Movers” class in 2013/14 for children aged 3-5 years, as an introduction to the fun of dance and in preparation for further classes in all genres.


The Jazz Awards provide a basic grounding in modern jazz and are ideal for young teenagers or the late beginner for recreational dancing. The syllabus has many influences and provides diverse dance styles for the students to experience and develop.

Classes are great fun; they give the students the opportunity to express their individual personalities and the freedom to be creative through dance.

Jazz classes are for the teenage student. There are three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold.